Introducing WP: Businesses & Collections!

More than just Wallpapers - WP: Businesses

Explore a world beyond simple wallpapers with WP: Businesses! Immerse yourself in captivating company insights, dynamic statistics, visionary plans, and exciting job opportunities.
Crafted for the curious minds, this exclusive feature invites you to peek behind the scenes of wallpapers and enterprises alike. With WP: Businesses, not only do you unlock exclusive offers from top-tier companies, but you also gain access to thrilling job prospects.

Embark on a journey of growth and discovery. Elevate your experience, fuel your journey, and transform your life with the boundless opportunities that await!

Even more choice for your Wallpaper! - WP: Collections

Experience an enriched desktop journey with WP: Collections. Alongside our groundbreaking Businesses feature, delve into a realm beyond mere wallpaper variations. Discover a plethora of Wallpapers perfect for holidays and significant events like CSD. Explore a diverse array of companies to elevate your desktop environment.

With WP: Collections, rest assured you'll find the perfect wallpaper while showcasing your appreciation for various Businesses. Merge aesthetics with entrepreneurial spirit and reimagine your desktop in a whole new light.

The latest update for Businesses & Collections

The latest update for B&C is here! And it brings countless new features with it! - All company pages have received a complete makeover and now look significantly better; they have all been adjusted to our new design standards. - You'll now also find real statistics, future plans, and job listings on the pages! - Tailored to each company individually. | In addition, the newest "Introduced: Businsses" page has also been fully improved and brings, among other things, this "Update Info" extension with it.
~ Not all pages have been updated to the latest version yet - This is happening gradually. ~

News from: April 28, 2024

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