The roadmap will be extended until Q1 2025 following the release of the GTA5 wallpapers!


Welcome to our Roadmap!

Here, we provide you with an exclusive insight into our planned developments and upcoming milestones. Discover what we have in the pipeline to make your experience on WallpaperHubEU even more exciting and engaging. We believe in continuously thrilling you with every new update and expanding our offerings.
Keep checking back regularly to see what exciting innovations are on the horizon!

1. Quarter 2024

Grand Theft Auto V

Over 200+ wallpapers planned.

First Release

We are prioritizing the completion of our current updates before considering any additional ones in the spring!

2. Quarter 2024

3. Quarter 2024

4. Quarter 2024

1. Quarter 2025

Already finished

The 'Already Finished' category now has its own page! Explore all the completed items here and discover a comprehensive overview of our accomplished projects and tasks.

* - There is a possibility that we may reschedule this content for a later date.

** - It could be that the features will be added at a later time.