Grand Theft Auto V

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Los Santos

The residents of Los Santos mirror the diversity of the city. The affluent mingle in the hills of Vinewood, while criminals and street gangs carve out their territories in the suburbs like Grove Street. The tension between social strata adds a fascinating dynamic to the city.

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Blaine County

Blaine County in GTA V is a vast, diverse region with deserts, mountains, and coastal areas, home to small towns like Sandy Shores and Grapeseed, offering stark contrasts to Los Santos with its rugged landscapes and tight-knit communities.

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North Yankton

North Yankton in GTA V serves as a stark, snowy contrast to Los Santos, featuring in crucial story missions. It's a quiet, snow-clad town that encapsulates a feeling of nostalgia and unresolved pasts, set against a backdrop of icy landscapes and desolate streets.

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