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The Deutsche Bahn AG is the state-owned railway company in Germany and one of the largest railway companies in Europe. It provides both passenger and freight rail services.
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Passenger and Freight Travel Solutions

Deutsche Bahn (DB) offers comprehensive travel services for both passengers and freight, facilitating efficient transportation across Germany and beyond.

For passengers, DB operates an extensive rail network that caters to diverse travel needs. High-speed trains such as the Intercity-Express (ICE) provide rapid connections between major cities, while Intercity (IC) trains offer comfortable travel for longer distances. Regional trains and S-Bahn services ensure seamless connectivity within cities and rural areas. Booking tickets and seat reservations are easily accessible through the user-friendly DB website, which also provides international connections to various European destinations.

In the realm of freight transportation, Deutsche Bahn plays a vital role in the movement of goods. The company offers a wide range of services, including cargo acceptance, inspection, storage, and loading. With specialized expertise in transporting heavy and hazardous materials, DB contributes significantly to the economy by facilitating trade and supply chain logistics.

Overall, Deutsche Bahn's travel services encompass a comprehensive range of options for passengers and freight, making it a reliable and essential part of Germany's transportation infrastructure.

ICE and IC route network 2024
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"Deutsche Bahn - with us you protect the environment"

"Hotter summers, milder winters and unprecedented downpours are just some of the increasingly obvious signs of climate change, and they have become a recurring challenge for us at Deutsche Bahn, as well as for our customers. Now is the time to act so that we can leave the coming generations with a planet worth living on." ~ DB

Subsidiaries of Deutsche Bahn

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A Closer Look at DB

The Deutsche Bahn operates an extensive network, serving key destinations throughout Germany and neighboring countries such as Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and more. In addition to major cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, smaller cities and regions are also served by S-Bahn, regional trains, and long-distance trains. The reliable schedules contribute to enhancing regional connectivity, offering important connections both within Germany and across borders.

DB network major projects (2024)

Kassel – Göttingen: Dec 10, 2023 - May 26, 2024

Berlin – Leipzig: Mar 16 - 27, 2024

Berlin – Dresden: Mar 22 - 29, 2024

Frankfurt – Fulda: Mar 22 - Jun 7, 2024

Karlsruhe – Stuttgart: Apr 1 - Jul 18, 2024

Frankfurt – Mannheim (Riedbahn): Jul 15 - Dec 14, 2024

Cologne – Frankfurt: Jul 16 - Aug 12, 2024

Hamburg – Berlin: Aug 17 - Dec 14, 2024

Karlsruhe – Freiburg: Aug 10 - 30, 2024

All major construction sites can be found on the DB website!

DB in figures

500 ICE and Intercity trains

Over 10.3 million customers (2022 - daily)

Revenue of around 56 billion (2022)

337.000 DB employees 

33.500km of rail network 

Passenger traffic: 91.0% punctuality

Long-distance traffic: 66.7% punctuality

Approximately 40.000 train journeys daily

Over 300 stations in Germany served by long-distance trains

A train is considered punctual if it arrives at the destination station within 6 minutes of the scheduled time.

Your Career at Deutsche Bahn

Your Career at Deutsche Bahn AG - Deutsche Bahn, renowned globally, offers employment opportunities primarily within the Federal Republic of Germany. With over 500 professions available, Deutsche Bahn provides diverse job opportunities across various fields. However, roles such as locomotive drivers and passenger service representatives remain essential within the company.

Find more for the future with the application tips from DB.

Working in the signal tower

Working on the road

Deutsche Bahn - Goals for Germany and the World!

Strong Rail - Future for Today and Tomorrow

The Deutsche Bahn has a clear mission: to increase the share of rail transport – and for several reasons: for the environment, for the people, for the economy, and for the European community. Under the banner of "Strong Rail," it has developed a comprehensive strategy to achieve this goal.

The challenges of climate change and rising traffic volumes make strengthening the rail network increasingly crucial in the coming years. Limiting the impacts of climate change requires a significant shift of traffic to the eco-friendly rail system. Meanwhile, traffic congestion and the degradation of quality of life due to road transport are on the rise, especially in urban areas. Rail offers an attractive alternative. Already today, 60% of DB Cargo transports are cross-border or transit.

With growing trade comes increased demand for freight transport. By 2030, an increase of over 20% is expected – a burden that roads cannot handle. Hence, rail freight transport is gaining significance. Smooth freight transport across national borders is crucial for the economies of Germany and Europe. Rail not only facilitates trade within Europe but also fosters understanding and cooperation across the continent.

The Deutsche Bahn is living up to its responsibility and bolstering the rail network in Germany – for the benefit of the climate, the people, the economy, and Europe.

Digital Rail - For Europe and You

Digitalization, automation, and artificial intelligence are pivotal for modern and efficient rail infrastructure. The introduction of Digital Rail Germany will significantly enhance the capacity of the rail network and address transportation needs in an environmentally friendly manner. This initiative is crucial not only for Deutsche Bahn but also for Germany and beyond.

With Digital Rail Germany, Deutsche Bahn aims to prepare the rail network for present and future challenges. Through the widespread adoption of modern technologies such as the European Train Control System (ETCS), the construction of digital signal boxes, and the implementation of an integrated control and operations system, fundamental upgrades to signaling and safety systems will be achieved. This will lead to more efficient troubleshooting, streamlined maintenance, and improved train punctuality.

The second stage of Digital Rail will fully leverage the potential of digital technologies. Fully automated train operations, intelligent sensor technology, and real-time control will make rail transportation even safer and more efficient. The capacity of the rail network will be significantly expanded, leading to reduced road congestion and emissions.

Digital Rail Germany represents a milestone towards sustainable and future-proof mobility. It will revolutionize both passenger and freight transport on the rail, while also making a significant contribution to climate protection and the quality of life for people.

"Digitale Schiene Deutschland" - YouTube

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