Review of the year 2023

Hey everyone!
With this retrospective on the year 2023, let's take a collective look back at the past and glimpse into the exciting future of our wallpaper service. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the fantastic people who have supported and contributed to the success of this project.

The past year has been particularly thrilling for us in the realm of wallpaper design. We've strived to create unique and impressive designs that add a special touch to your screens. Your enthusiasm and support have inspired us to reach new creative heights time and again.

We want to express our gratitude to our loyal users who have downloaded, shared, and appreciated the diversity of our collections. Your interest and positive feedback mean a lot to us and drive us to continually expand our offerings.

For the upcoming year, we already have exciting plans and projects in store. We'll continue working to adorn your screens with breathtaking wallpaprs. Look forward to new designs, innovative concepts, and perhaps even the opportunity to share your own ideas with us.

A special thanks to all of you for your ongoing support. Your passion for aesthetic screen backgrounds propels us to always deliver the best. Let's welcome the new year together and explore the world of wallpapers!

Reflecting on the end of 2023

The year 2023 has drawn to a close, and together, we embark on a retrospective journey. We present to you the statistics collected since the inception of this captivating project. These numbers narrate the tale of our voyage, from initial concepts to the triumphs and challenges we've shared.

A particularly gratifying development this year was the expansion of our team. With great enthusiasm, we announce the addition of four talented and dedicated members to our ranks. These new additions will not only enrich the creativity of our Wallpaper Team but also play a significant role in implementing new features.

Another exciting chapter involves our GTA 5 Wallpapers. After some unforeseen delays, we've finally kicked off the process and successfully completed the first category. Look forward to impressive wallpapers that we'll share on 𝕏 and threads to keep you well-informed.

These insights are just a preview of what awaits you in the coming year – a continuation of our passion for high-quality wallpapers and creative projects.

Achievements and Outlook

Train Sim World Overview (ALLTIME) 

Red Dead Redemption 2 Overview (ALLTIME) 

New Feature!

WP: Insights launches this January or February!

We'll be showcasing some statistics about the trains in the Train Sim World category. The initial release will cover the BR 401, BR 403, BR 423, BR 422, and more. In the future, this feature will expand to include additional trains and align with the new wallpaper categories.

Stay tuned for a deeper look into the world of trains and wallpapers! 

But what awaits you in 2024?

If we were truly boring, we'd simply suggest you take a look at our roadmap. However, that would be unexciting and unsatisfying! Since the roadmap will officially continue only after the release of GTA 5 Wallpapers – for the year 2024 and the beginning of 2025 – you'll have to be a little patient. We ask for your understanding and promise that the wait will be worthwhile!

But fear not, our adventures in the world of simulations continue! Not on the scale of Train Sim World, but still just as high and at a similar speed – those who understand, understand. Moreover, the next two simulation games are on the horizon. Will it be gas stations? Buses? Perhaps trains again? Or trucks? We won't reveal that just yet. You'll find out then! Stay tuned! 

— That's a wrap! — It might not have been lengthy, as there's only so much one can convey in this format, but we wanted to provide at least a glimpse. Sometimes, many exciting details just can't fit into a few words.

We'll catch you in the next update news for Train Sim World. Up next on the agenda are the German BR 422 and BR 425 – both fantastic trains perfectly suited for desktop backgrounds, especially in the rain and under the sun! Just in time for the upcoming spring and summer vibes.

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