New Hanover

New Hanover, located in the heart of the game's world, is a land of diversity and opportunity. It's characterized by rolling plains, dense forests, and vibrant towns. The Heartlands, with its open fields and farms, represent the quintessential American heartland.


Valentine is a hub of activity, a place where ranchers, traders, and outlaws converge. The bustling saloons echo with laughter and the clinking of glasses, while the town's livestock auction symbolizes the livelihood of the hardworking folk who call Valentine home.

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The architecture of Annesburg is utilitarian, reflecting the practicality required for a town built around extraction and production. The streets are bustling with activity, as workers move with purpose and the clatter of machinery fills the air.

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Van horn

Van Horn stands as a haven for those who prefer the fringes of society, a town of outcasts and ne'er-do-wells where moral ambiguity reigns supreme. The dilapidated buildings and ramshackle structures tell a tale of a town that has weathered the storms of chaos and disorder.

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Emerald Ranch

Emerald Ranch is a testament to the enduring spirit of ranching and farming in the Wild West. The rolling fields of crops and the herds of livestock paint a scene of agricultural prosperity, where hardworking folk carve out a living from the fertile land.

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In New Hanover, the Heartlands epitomize the quintessential American landscape with vast plains and rolling hills. Towns like Valentine and Strawberry embody the pioneer spirit, where life on the frontier is both challenging and rewarding.

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